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Event Spaces Conveniently Located at 43rd Street and 5th Ave


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Social Hall 

The Social Hall, on the ground floor of this classic New York building only two blocks away from Times Square, has a high ceiling and a wonderful original wood floor. Whether your event is a conference or a party for 150 to 230 people, this is the right venue for your event. When combined with other rooms, the capacity can be extended up to 400 people.  

Green Room

This space has multiple uses since it can be accessed directly from the sidewalk or through the entrance hall. Available for 90 people.   

Aqua Room

Highly used for small group meetings, it is accessible from the lobby or the sidewalk. Room capacity 60 people.    

Blue Room 

Ideal for lectures and meetings for 10 to 50 people. It has spotlights and can be used for art exhibitions. 

Gallery I

A common area to all venues, it is suitable for art exhibitions and small receptions.  Host for 40 people. 


Gallery II

It is suitable for 60 people. Great for any type of art exhibition in the heart of Manhattan.