Tenants Directory 

We proudly host outstanding non-profit

organizations contributing to noble causes. 

First Floor
(Conference Rooms)

Social Hall 

Green Room 

Aqua Room

Blue Room 

Gallery I

Social Hall

Second Floor 


       HousePlus Solutions 

       UTS  - Unification

       Theological Seminary 

Third Floor 
AFLFC Research
Al Anon Inter Group
Dali - Rosenberg
PowerPlay NYC
The Modigliani Project 
Turken Foundation
Vision Times

Fourth Floor

Building Management 
Chinese Arts Festival
Inner Enlightenment 
Melania - Voice Coach
Peace Club
Saphira & Ventura Gallery
Sparks Within Reach

Fifth Floor

Eckankar NY Satsang Society
Sadie Nash Leadership Project 
Zakat Foundation

Sixth Floor

Chhandayan-Indian Music
Flamenco Vivo
League of Women Voters of NYC 
OMP - Opportunity Music Project
Senior Action Council
Sound of Hope Radio
YES  Services

Seventh Floor


The FC of NYC 

Eighth Floor 

Capoeira Center 
Flamenco Vivo Studios