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Tenants Directory 

We proudly host outstanding non-profit

organizations contributing to noble causes. 

First Floor
(Conference Rooms)

Social Hall 

Green Room 

Aqua Room

Blue Room 

Gallery I

Social Hall

Second Floor 


       UTS  - Unification

       Theological Seminary 

Third Floor 
AFLFC Research
Al Anon Inter Group
Dali - Rosenberg
PowerPlay NYC
The Modigliani Project 
Turken Foundation
Vision Times

Fourth Floor

Building Management 
Chinese Arts Festival
Inner Enlightenment 
Melania - Voice Coach
Saphira & Ventura Gallery
Sparks Within Reach

Fifth Floor

Eckankar NY Satsang Society
H.S.A. - U.W.C. 
Sadie Nash Leadership Project 

Zakat Foundation

Sixth Floor

Chhandayan-Indian Music
Flamenco Vivo
League of Women Voters of NYC 
Senior Action Council
Sound of Hope Radio
YES  Services

Seventh Floor


The FC of NYC 

Eighth Floor 

Capoeira Center 
Flamenco Vivo Studios
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